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Scott Pilgrim the Film is a fantastic little thing. If you have any inclination to see it, do so. Discussion with people would be neat.

Things progress normally. I'm trying to get back into the swing of thing and realizing there's a lot of things to swing at. Getting your driver's license in Tennessee is much more difficult than in North Carolina. NC requires that you just have a photo ID and a social security card. TN requires you have the document that was given to you by the man in the silver coat on your tenth birthday and the secret words he said just before he disappated into the stars once more. Of course I'm extremely exaggerating here. It just turned out to be a lot harder to find my birth certificate at my mom's house than I imagined it would be.

I keep trying to start a couple of game ideas, as I did last winter. Maybe it's because of all the other chaotic worry I'm still going through, but nothing is really helping. I've progressed very little and my mojo seems to be in the negatives. Here's hoping next week will be better on those grounds. I need to get something done, dammit.

Anyway, sleep is now. I need to get a family member on a plane by 11 tomorrow.
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