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Coding Timeezzzzz

It's fall, so that means Crowbar is going to work on his Terribly Massive Coding Project. When we last left our hero, he was writing a modular platformer engine that was actually going pretty damn well (Decent sprite work by me, decent basic platformer with double jump and multiple enemies, parallax scrolling with allowances for multiple layers. All mod-able through xml files. I felt really good about accomplishing that!) Then I lost interest in it due to not really being interested in making the tools I needed to make the actual game within it and other fun time issues. :(

I should call this something. NaNoWriCode, if you wish. NaNoWriCo? Maybe I should call this "Oh god, John is coding again what is happening."

This time, I'm actually trying to revive an old puzzle idea I had way back in 2006 and stopped due to Graduating. I then tried to pick up again in late 2008 and stopped due to problems at the time. It's kind of embarrassing to admit to picking up again on an idea that I should have finished long ago, but there it is. I'm going to finish the damn beast. I'm starting from scratch once more and this time I know what the hell I'm doing. Hurrah.

I'm also doing this because a friend made like 6 tracks for it back in the day and they're really good and I feel bad for them collecting dust. At a Halloween party, he said he's work on new tracks if I worked on it, so I'm holding him to it. ;p

If people are interested, I'll keep updating with how it is going. The aim is to get a workable prototype going for it. I've got basic debug and sprite work done on it, with what will be potential support for multiple controllers implemented, so it's a really good start so far. I hope to keep doing that well with it. Maybe I'll throw it up on Xbox Live Indie Games Community Games Avatar Zombie Massage Apps, but that's further down the line. Let's making something workable first.

Tonight, tough, I'm seeing Danzig play (Also on the bill: Marduk, Possessed and Toxic Holocaust!) So don't expect a whole lot tonight.

(In the meantime, go play Super Meat Boy. It's pretty awesome.)
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