Crowbar (sircrowbar) wrote,

Music Things

I did some random music for a One Hour Composition over on ThaSauce a while back. It's kind of like Songfight, but geared towards trying to make a complete composition in a single hour. I was really bored and wanted to see if I could do it. Turns out I could and it's not half-bad! Of course, the others from those competitions are way better, but it was fun to do and I managed to get something that resembled a song thing together!

The Themes!

"Race to the Finish": Hyperpanic - DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF. Also, it sounds like a Genesis on crack. Not really happy with the meedelee-meedelee at the end, but I was running out of time and it needed something. Maybe I'll touch it up in the future.

"The Moon": Party Off the Moon - I don't know how this turned into a Sad Astronaut Irish Jig, but there you go. The thing I'm proud about this one is that I ended up writing lyrics, singing and editing it all together in the last 10 minutes. Huzzah for panic editing!

Anyway, have a happy Thanksgiving, for those who do that sort of thing.
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