Crowbar (sircrowbar) wrote,

Game Development Update

A more recent screenshot of OATS. Still looks roughly the same (And still taking sprites from other things at the moment; that'll be top priority soon), but there's a lot of a new functionality: Jumping now work as intended (With Helpful shadow bringing some depth to the actual jump). There's a fully working inventory now with button assignment to two slots (Zelda like, but works after a different fashion that I'll explain at a later date.) and a bunch of little things that make me feel pretty good so far! Now I can concentrate on making more items and enemies and expanding beyond the single room concepts I've shown so far. One step at a time.

I'll probably move all the game talk to a separate blog and link it here unless people are really interested; something more specialized to the things I've been thinking about while making this or any of my other projects. I should have something that looks like a playable prototype done by the end of the month, so if people want to help me test it out, get a hold of me and I'll add you to the list! I can't promise much, but you'll get credit for helping at least. And high-fives. All the high fives you can stand.

In other news, I lost a USB drive in the snow for a couple of days. It wasn't much of a issue because I had a current copy of all the code on there but I was heading to a friend's house for the night and wanted to have it just in case I felt the urge to pick at it (Not to mention my PC is in a bad spot to move around on whims right now.) Also, it's the only USB drive that actually will fit in the front of my computer case. Cue two days later, a friend pulls up and finds it immediately in the exact spot I had been looking for it! Turns out it still works too, so I don't have to crawl around back anymore. SUPER EXCITE TIMES. Anyway, the morale of this story is pockets are pretty cool and I should keep tiny things in them when I am walking for this reason.
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