Crowbar (sircrowbar) wrote,

So, I made a nerdcore rap about Creepers from Minecraft.

I've been in a really crummy mood the last couple of days (I was in a car accident on Monday. Everyone's fine and the damage is reparable, but it pretty much destroyed my mood.) So instead of moping around, I decided to do something about it and work on a silly idea I had in the past that never went anywhere. I made it go somewhere. I made it go here.

If you want the song in non-Youtube format, I gots its heres.


I’m a Boom! (Creepers gonna creep they’re gonna creep they’re gonna creep)*
I’m a Boom! (Creepers gonna creep they’re gonna creep they’re gonna creep)
I’m a Boom! (Creepers gonna creep they’re gonna creep they’re gonna creep)
I'm a Boom! I'm a Boom! I'm a BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM

I spawn in the night world when you should be in dream land,
You think you’re safe with the torches and a sword in your hand,
You make your way through the zombies, lava and the fields
Yet you didn’t even count on the green![ to step in on your spiel.]

Your diamond pickaxe looks delish, your armor’s a delight
And I bet you’d hate to lose it in the deep dark of the night.
It’s a long way to the respawn and you couldn’t care less!
So as you’re chopping I’m a plotting to do what I do best!


You’re encroaching on my property, I’ll make damn sure you know!
With a hiss you’ll hear I’m pissed, and soon you'll be hitting the road!
I’m a magnet for your shineys, you’ll be shaking in your panties,
So get on with the running or be in for a show! (BOOM!)

You make a girlie scream and think you can take me on?
Ha ha, fool! I make Billy Mitchell look like Diddy Kong!
There’s a kill screen coming up and your name is on the board
I’m the fuzzy kamikaze and soon you'll be no more!


You think you can tame me? Well, that blows me away!
No really, it explodes me! So get back in and behave!
I’ll be inside your base exploding all that you’ve made,
Oh, you left the door open? BIG CASH MONEYS.

You can hide all you want, but we're everywhere you fear,
We're in all your minecarts, giving you our creepy stares! (SSSSS!)
Build as high as you want, but watch it when you get home.
I'll be a-waiting and a-creeping for you and your redstone! ‘Cause


All your treasure chests, all your music blocks, your golden apples, your statues of meat boy and bandage girl that you worked so very very hard on!
Boom. It's gone now.
Why? Well, you see... that's a very niccceee everything you got there
It'd be a Ssssshame if something happened to it!

So, yeah, let me know what you think. It was certainly therapeutic to scream into a mic for a while. :D
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You should contact someone else in the Minecraft community, maybe via the forums, to make a video for your song. It'd be great.